Your building’s or monument’s exterior substrate can be safely cleaned, when you choose to use our Doff steam cleaning and soft washing specialist service. Our City and Guilds trained soft washing team can help you clean moss, algae, lichens, fungi and even paint and graffiti from all types of substrates including:

  • Stone
  • Render
  • Cladding
  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Concrete
  • Wood 

While pressure washing relies on high pressure to blast contamination from the surface, Doff uses water heated up to 150 degrees, relying on heat rather than sheer power to clean.  The combination of heat at minimal pressure diminishes the risk of damage, combining this with soft washing techniques and chemicals, makes it an ideal cleaning solution for more delicate surfaces.

If you need more information about our Doff steam cleaning services, or would like to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us at or call 01865 364349. Alternatively, send us an enquiry via the form below.

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