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Our cleaning systems

At Super Clean South Ltd., our knowledge and expertise of various window cleaning systems allow us to tailor your service depending on the scale of your requirements.

We adopt different professional systems and technology according to your needs.

Reach & Wash® system

The Reach & Wash® window cleaning system is perfect for cleaning at a reach of over two metres high.

Using 100% pure water pumped through telescopic poles, we can access and clean windows and gutters to heights in excess of 20 metres – all from the safety of the ground.

With minimum Health and Safety risks, this is the safest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly cleaning method. Compared to other access methods, we can save our clients on average over 40% of their total cleaning costs with the use of this safe and reliable system.

The Reach & Wash® window cleaning system uses 100% pure, de-mineralised, laboratory grade water. De-mineralised water actively absorbs dirt, chemicals and minerals, so when used for window cleaning, it dries to a perfect finish. As no chemicals or detergents are used, the process is environmentally friendly as well as totally sterile.

Cradle systems and access platforms

For cleaning requirements scaling over 20 metres, our team can safely operate several different window cleaning cradle systems. Trained by the leading governing body, IPAF, we also have specialist access platforms available to use when tower scaffolding cannot go high enough.

We’ll carry out an on-site survey before carrying out any work on your building and ensure our teams take any necessary training on new platforms or systems.

Rope access

Super Clean South Ltd. provides an innovative solution to high-level access work via rope access (sometimes known as abseiling window cleaning). We supply highly skilled technicians to carry out industrial rope access projects throughout large-scaled industries such as construction, hospitals and hotels.

We offer a comprehensive range of inspections, maintenance and repairs in difficult to reach areas and sometimes harsh environments, such as confined spaces and high-level access structures.

Facilities Managers are increasingly choosing rope access solutions as an efficient way of ensuring quality methods of cleaning and maintenance, whilst saving on the costs of fitted cradle systems and other equipment hire.

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