Commercial Window Cleaning

We’ve provided specialist commercial window cleaning to local clients since 1985, offering value for money and a strong portfolio of experience across business and retail parks, office blocks and mixed-use buildings, to name just a few.

Using safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective window cleaning methods, our expert team is dedicated to achieving the highest standards for beautifully clean, high-performing results.

Super Clean South Operative cleaning windows on a high rise building using a cherry picker
Super Clean South Operative cleaning solar panels using reach and wash method

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels don’t require excessive maintenance, but safe access, cost-effective cleaning methods and the scale or height of the panels can make upkeep time-consuming and complicated to manage on your own.

We offer professional solar panel cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients, adopting the ‘Reach and Wash’ system to guarantee high-quality finishes without using detergents or chemicals.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the most effective way to clean and rejuvenate outside areas. We provide pressure washing and external building cleaning services for residential and commercial clients to remove everything from mould to dust and dirt. We can clean most surfaces, whether it’s a driveway or the side of a building.

We use hot, cold and steam machines, and will always use the most suitable cleaning method for your requirements.

Super Clean South Operative pressure washing a brick wall to remove algae
Super Clean South Operative removing Graffiti from a brick wall by applying biodegradable graffiti removal  product with a brush

Graffiti Removal

Our team can restore your buildings at short notice to clean graffiti and combat vandalism, preventing further attacks. From concrete, brick and wood to glass, tiles and street furniture, our knowledge of the latest graffiti removal techniques ensures safe, effective cleaning of all surfaces, without the need for abrasive solutions.

Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep your building free from irreversible moisture and water damage. If not carried out effectively, blockages can cause numerous problems, from damage to the surrounding paintwork and woodwork, mould and algae growth, to major structural problems such as crumbling masonry and serious damp issues.

We use powerful industrial cleaning methods to quickly and safely remove blockages and clean gutters up to four storeys high, all from the ground.

 Super Clean South operative cleaning   gutters  on a block of flats using specialised industrial vacuum cleaner
Super Clean South Operative in a cherry picker cleaning a facade at the top of a high rise building using a pressure washing  machine

High Level Access

Hard to reach areas are no problem for our team at Super Clean South Ltd. We operate a number of specialist high level systems and will find the best solution for your needs, based on the scale and location of your building, ensuring high-quality cleans with no compromises on safety.

Consulting Services

We believe it’s always better to rule out foreseeable problems at the planning and design stage, as opposed to trying to rectify them once the building has been built.

Our vast experience within the professional cleaning industry enables us to consult building and construction professionals on the safest solutions to access and clean windows on new and existing buildings.

Super Clean South's consultant and a client sitting at a table looking and pointing at building plans
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