Commercial Window Cleaning

We’ve provided commercial window cleaning to clients since 1985. Some of our original clients are still with us. Our aim is always for client satisfaction and for you to have clean windows throughout the year.

What we offer:

  • Value for money
  • Our commercial window cleaning experience allows us to use the most cost effective window cleaning methods available.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Not satisfied with our work? We always aim for the highest standards, but if you are not entirely satisfied, we will clean the area again for free. If you are still not satisfied, we will offer a refund.

What we use:

The Reach and Wash System
This is the method we use for external window cleaning. Pure water is heated and pumped through telescopic poles. This allows us to clean windows to heights in excess of 65 ft. (5-6 floors). This window cleaning method is safe, cost effective and the results are excellent. By utilising this method, on average we save our clients over 40% of their overall cleaning costs. If required, one of our window cleaning operatives can give you a free demonstration.

Pure water technology
A five stage water treatment system is used and 100% pure, laboratory-graded water is used to clean the windows. De-mineralised water is ideal for window cleaning as it absorbs dirt and chemicals. No chemicals or detergents are used which makes the process environmentally-friendly and there will be no residue. This allows for a perfect finish.


High Level Access

Hard to reach areas we reach easily. Our operatives are trained in the following areas:

Rope access

By using these techniques, our IRATA-trained operatives are able to access hard to reach areas with ease. This saves on costs as there is no need to erect scaffolding.

MEWPS (mobile elevated working platforms)

Our IPAF-trained operatives are able to operate a number of specialist machines enabling them to access difficult areas both internally and externally.

Tower scaffold

An ideal solution for hard to reach areas. Our PASMA-trained staff can erect the scaffold to access the area. Once the job is done, it will be removed.

Cradle Systems

Our operatives are trained to use a number of different cradle systems. After the on-site survey is carried out, our staff can be trained on the specific machine before carrying out the work.

Portable weight systems

We have our own man anchors which can be used by our high access operatives for fall arrest or fall restraint methods, ensuring safety at all times.
These can be brought to your premises and taken away at the end of the job, eliminating the need to install permanent safety systems to your building.


Solar Panel Cleaning

Is your business committed to sustainability? Have you installed solar panels with the aim to reduce your energy bills? Solar panels don’t require much in the way of maintenance, but manufacturers recommend to clean them once every six months to ensure optimal efficiency.

For solar panel cleaning we use the Reach and Wash System as no detergents or chemicals are used. All of our operatives are fully trained by Clean Solar Solutions Ltd. We offer solar panel cleaning to both commercial and residential clients.


Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep your building free from irreversible moisture and water damage.

The importance of cleaning out your gutters and gulleys cannot be over emphasised. Their  purpose is to channel rain water away from the building. If this is not carried out effectively blockages can cause numerous problems, from the relatively minor such as damage to surrounding paintwork and woodwork, mould and algae growth to major problems such as crumbling masonry and serious damp issues.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing provides the most effective way to clean outside areas. We offer pressure washing and external building cleaning to remove everything from mould to dust and dirt. We can clean most surfaces, be it a driveway or the side of a building.

We use hot, cold and steam machines, and we will always use the most suitable cleaning method for the job.


Consulting Services

Due to our vast experience within the commercial window cleaning industry we are able to offer advice on the safest solutions to access and clean windows on new and existing buildings.

It is better to design out any foreseeable problems at the design stage as apposed to trying to rectify them once the building has been built.

Give us a call to discuss your project further.

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