We’ve provided office window cleaning to clients since 1985. Some of our original clients are still with us. Our aim is always for client satisfaction and for you to have clean windows throughout the year.

What we offer:

  • Value for money
  • Our commercial window cleaning experience allows us to use the most cost effective window cleaning methods available.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Not satisfied with our work? We always aim for the highest standards, but if you are not entirely satisfied, we will clean the area again for free. If you are still not satisfied, we will offer a refund.
What we use: The Reach and Wash System
This is the method we use for external window cleaning. Pure water is heated and pumped through telescopic poles. This allows us to clean windows to heights in excess of 65 ft. (5-6 floors). This window cleaning method is safe, cost effective and the results are excellent. By utilising this method, on average we save our clients over 40% of their overall cleaning costs. If required, one of our window cleaning operatives can give you a free demonstration.

Pure water technology
A five stage water treatment system is used and 100% pure, laboratory-graded water is used to clean the windows. De-mineralised water is ideal for window cleaning as it absorbs dirt and chemicals. No chemicals or detergents are used which makes the process environmentally-friendly and there will be no residue. This allows for a perfect finish.

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