Publishing Numerous Crosswalk* APKs to the Bing Play* Store Presented by John F. (Intel) on Wed, 05/27/2015 – 17:50 Two Android APK files: one for products containing an x86 cpu and something for all those are produced by the Crosswalk* stuck construct option. The construct those two APK documents are combined by system right into a single ZIP file for easy download to your progress process. You must unzip it and extract the 2 APK records so that you clean startup disk on mac can submit them to an Android store, like the Google Play* Shop, after accessing this zipfile. Make sure you submit both APK records to the Android* store to increase the amount of gadgets that could deploy and manage your Crosswalk software. Regarding how to do that, directions are given below. The following the two APK files within the SQUAT are branded: e.g. e.g. This Google Play Shop submission method site walks you of publishing multiple APKs for the Google Retailer for circulation under one program list, through the procedure.

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You guarantee your Crosswalk application can be acquired for the greatest buyer market, by following this method. The shop can automatically provide no particular intervention on the element of your customer to the architecture file that is suitable. Please see Generating Multiple APKs and Multiple APK Support for Distinct API Quantities around the Android Builder website if you like to learn more about this Google Play feature, that allows one to publish numerous APKs under an individual app list. For more complete information about optimizations, notice our Optimization Notice.

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